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AWC Professional Chapter Awards

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) recognizes excellence among its professional chapters through its annual Chapter Awards competition. Awards are offered in six (6) areas related to chapter performance.

Chapters are encouraged to enter multiple categories, however, each activity, event or program may only be entered once. The AWC National Board serves as judges for the competition. Please keep in mind that some entries are awarded by chapter size.

For the next competition, materials submitted must be from the period between July 1 and June 30. Applications must be received by AWC National Headquarters by July 15, 2015.

For full award information and the nomination form, please log in and visit the “Chapter Leaders” site.

Awards Categories

Outstanding Communications:

Recognizes a chapter for outstanding, on-going communications with chapter members, prospective members and the public. Includes print or online newsletters, announcements and meeting notices, blogs, Facebook and/or Linked In postings and other communication methods. Does NOT include event-specific invitations, programs or follow-up notes/communications.
Most Creative Chapter Programming:

This award is for the chapter’s overall regular programming. Judges will review the chapter’s program topics and themes for the entire year. Programming topics may include but are not limited to First Amendment Rights, freedom of information, leadership, ethics, communication skills, advancement of women, gender equality, community service, outreach to employers, programming for executive members, efforts to promote diversity, or other programming topics specific to your area.
Most Innovative Professional Development Activity or Special Event:

Recognizes a chapter for outstanding special event and/or activity related to professional development and career services. Examples of an activity related to career services such as an active job board, an on-going resume review, or resume or interview workshops. Examples of a professional development event such as a skills-type workshop or a “Know to Grow” program.
*Best Special Event:

Recognizes a chapter for outstanding fundraising, recognition, and/or awards event.
Outstanding Work Benefiting Students:

Recognizes a professional chapter for student mentoring, student scholarship programs, or any other programming or outreach to students. This award includes professional chapters that have a student chapter affiliation and those who do not.
*Most Innovative Membership Recruitment/Retention Activity:

This award recognizes a chapter for outstanding membership recruitment and/or retention activities. This may include activities related to the AWC National Fall or Spring Membership Drive, specific incentive benefits the chapter offers for new or renewing members, or special recruitment/retention events.

*Indicates categories divided into awards for large and small chapters.

Small Chapter – Chapter up to 50 members
Large Chapter – Chapter of 50+ members